2018 Central Coast Restricted and Novice Congress Wind-up

Amazing Helpers!

This year our Restricted and Novice Congress was a great success, we had the amazing John McIlrath directing and such a wonderful turnout of bridge fanatics from far and wide. Thanks to all those who made the effort to come a long distance to play in our event, and thanks to all the locals who supported us also.

Bilby Players

This month John will be conducting another set of lessons and so, in the next few months, we will be meeting new players at the table. The committee is committed to all our players, new and experienced. To assist the new players in their transition from lessons to regular sessions we request that other players refrain from doubling them, or playing complicated systems and explain fully any alerts as well as announcing them. To help you identify these new players they will be given a Bilby card which they may use for 6 months after they leave the lessons.


A new set of lessons will commence on Monday August 20 at 1:30 pm. The initial set of lessons runs for 5 weeks and costs fifty dollars. After this initial set we will meet for some weeks after that and go over what was covered in the lessons. Some new ground will also be covered. If there are sufficient starters we will run a parallel set of lessons on Tuesday nights.

Disabled Parking

The issues around Disabled Parking were raised at the AGM, in particular the mobility difficulties of some members and the obstruction of the lane way. In response John commented that it had been an ongoing problem and it would be discussed at the first committee meeting.


The CCBC Recorder is Kerry Johnman who has accepted the committee's unanimous nomination.
The Role statement of Recorder for CCBC has been revisited and altered to be more in line with NSWBA description of the position. A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities is in a white folder on the East side of the club.

I have placed a grey set of drawers near the folders - one drawer is marked "RECORDER" and your written communications can be placed there. If you need an envelope please ask for one.