Due to traffic chaos many people were not able to get to the Club today. Accordingly, the first round of the Wamberal Cup was not held today (18 July). We will run the Cup over the next 3 Wednesdays (25 July, 1 August, and 8 August)


Monday 2 - President's Cup
Tuesday 10 - Winter Pairs
Wednesday 18 & 25 - Rounds 1 and 2 of the Wamberal Cup
Thursday 26 - Christmas in July (Will give out more information about this event in the next week or so)

Please note that the Open Pairs event which was to be held on Saturday July 14 has been cancelled. There seemed to be no interest shown by members of this club nor the other clubs.

Disabled Parking

The issues around Disabled Parking were raised at the AGM, in particular the mobility difficulties of some members and the obstruction of the lane way.
In response John commented that it had been an ongoing problem and it would be discussed at the first committee meeting.
The committee discussed the matter and acknowledged that, as the car-park is a public car-park we are unable to designate official “Disabled Parking” places, however after discussion the following motion was passed:
"that the laneway next to our club rooms be reserved for those members who are unable to access the club house from the road or the car-park."
Further, directors will be asked to announce this at our regular sessions, and to request that members leave the spaces close to the club house for those players with Access Parking Permits who are able to enter the club house from the carpark spaces nearest the clubhouse.
Further all members are reminded that the exit from the lane way onto the carpark must be left clear at all time in case Emergency vehicles need access, in which case vehicles parked there may have to drive through quickly.

Website Update

Hello Everyone, I have updated the website to show our Club Constitution, also updated the broken link to Brisbane Water Results and also reintroduced the Contact Us information at the top. Cheers Gary.


The CCBC Recorder is Kerry Johnman who has accepted the committee's unanimous nomination.
The Role statement of Recorder for CCBC has been revisited and altered to be more in line with NSWBA description of the position. A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities is in a white folder on the East side of the club.

I have placed a grey set of drawers near the folders - one drawer is marked "RECORDER" and your written communications can be placed there. If you need an envelope please ask for one.

Additionally I have dedicated one drawer to mail, so any mail you have can be placed there. Letters to the committee should be addressed to the Secretary.

If you have any questions please ask.

Committee Minutes

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