Code of Conduct

The Central Coast Bridge Club aims to promote the enjoyment of the game of bridge in a positive and friendly environment. Our members respect the rights of others, welcome newcomers, and support our community.


  1. Conduct. Club members will be polite and courteous at all times. We will acknowledge the rights of others, treat everyone with courtesy, and refrain from the use of derogatory language and gloating.


  1. Behaviour. Members will avoid behaviour that could constitute an act of disorder, misbehaviour, breaking the law, or discrimination, as well as behaviour and attitudes that could be construed as harassment or that could bring our club into disrepute. This includes, but is not limited to, intimidation, verbal abuse, and the effects of intoxication. Members will be respectful of other members and club officials.


  1. Play. Members will conduct their game in a proper, mature and inoffensive manner. Members will abide by "The Eleven Commandments of Bridge", located on the wall of our club. If a player disagrees with a director's ruling, he or she will pursue an appeal rather than argue with the director at the table or disparage the director to others.


  1. Access to Information. All members are obliged to maintain the integrity and security of the club's confidential documents and information. When dealing with personal information, we will comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Act.


  1. Complaints. Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Recorder or to the Committee. The Committee and the Recorder will deal with complaints according to our Constitution. If a member breaches the Code Of Conduct, the Committee may consider such a breach a willful action prejudicial to the interests of the Association and may expel or suspend the offender from membership.


  1. Players will at all times abide by the rules of the NSWBA, and ABF. Members who breach these laws may be brought before the Committee to answer for their actions. Disciplinary action may result,