Game Vouchers

  • Only members of CCBC may purchase discount game vouchers
  • Vouchers may not be used for events specified as cash only
  • Vouchers cannot be given away for use by non-member players
  • These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time without notice

In the event of a general price increase in playing fees the Committee may specify a date by which old playing vouchers can no longer be used and must be upgraded to the cost level of new vouchers either by swapping the old vouchers for new ones (making a cash adjustment where necessary) or adding cash to an old voucher so that it meets the current price of a game.

Discount game vouchers cannot be given as alternative payments for members seeking reimbursement for purchases made on behalf of the club (also applies to services rendered). These purchases and/or service charges should pass through the normal channels and arranged with the Treasurer.