Urgent - Cessation of Bridge Sessions

For the Urgent Attention of all Members

The committee met today to assess the potential impacts of the Corona virus.

In line with the recommendation from the ABF that Bridge Clubs be temporarily closed for four weeks the Central Coast Bridge Club will immediately cease bridge sessions. 

As from Tuesday 17th March 2020 at 09.30 all bridge sessions will be cancelled for a minimum of four (4) weeks.

This situation will be reviewed at the end of that period. A further extension may be imposed if necessary.

Health Advice

The coronavirus has added a new dimension to this year’s upcoming cold and flu season.  To help create as healthy an environment as possible, the Federal Dept of Health has published a fact sheet

Inaugural Hi-Lo Pairs

The Helen Eaton Trophy for the inaugural Hi-Lo pairs was won today by John Redfearn and Alan Brooks.   Special thanks to all the experienced players who came along to make this afternoon such a success.

Hi-Lo Pairs 2020

Novice Champions

A huge congratulations to the Novice Team Champions, Colin Kleinig, Jane Stephens, Colin Speller and Jodie Gudaitis at the Gold Coast Congress 2020.  

Future stars in the making!!!!!

They came out on top of 40 teams and recorded a score in the finals of 146 to 64.1 VPs.

Beginner Bridge Lessons

Two sets of Beginner Lessons will commence on:

           1.30 pm on Monday 17 February at 1.30 pm and - 

           7.00 pm  on Tuesday 18 February at 7.00 pm.

Lessons consist of 5 lessons over 5 weeks.  Total cost is $50.00 including a booklet. 

Tell your friends and spread the joy of bridge.   

For further information ring John  Redfearn  at the Club on 02-43393824.