Club Mixed Pairs

Each year the Central Coast Bridge Club holds a Mixed Pairs Championship Event open to ALL members. In its current format the event is held over two sessions (all day event) in February. This event is a red point event and is a qualifier for the State Mixed Pairs. The number of pairs sent to the State Mixed Pairs depends on the size of the field that played in the event. Typically, we send the top 3 pairs.




2020 A. Houtman, G. Campbell
2019 N Berger, A. Houtman
2018 Gary Heyting, Stephanie Mathews
2017 H. Eaton, G. Barwick
2016 S. Clarke, G. Clarke
2015 A. Dougall, K. Dougall
2014 A. Dougall, K. Dougall
2013 H. Eaton, G. Barwick
2012 not held
2011 not held
2010 not held
2009 not held
2008 not held
2007 not held
2006 not held
2005 not held
2004 not held
2003 not held
2002 not held
2001 D. Collis, t. Collis
2000 H. Eaton, J. Redfearn
1999 P. Morris, Z. Overhall
1998 J. Ryan, E. Neilsen
1997 J. Hopkinson, G. Campbell
1996 S. Shaw, P. Morris
1995 J. Small, G. Van Eden
1994 C. Jackson, K. Gordon
1993 J. Small, G. Van Eden
1992 K. Johnman, P. Johnman
1991 D. Coats, P. Coats
1990 P. Franey, R. Etherington
1989 K. Johnman, P. Johnman
1988 J. Hopkinson, G. Campbell
1987 V. Dressler, A. Burke
1986 V. Dressler, A. Burke