The CCBC Recorder is Kerry Johnman who has accepted the committee's unanimous nomination.
The Role statement of Recorder for CCBC has been revisited and altered to be more in line with NSWBA description of the position. A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities is in a white folder on the East side of the club.

I have placed a grey set of drawers near the folders - one drawer is marked "RECORDER" and your written communications can be placed there. If you need an envelope please ask for one.

Additionally I have dedicated one drawer to mail, so any mail you have can be placed there. Letters to the committee should be addressed to the Secretary.

If you have any questions please ask.



Nola Daly has done a tremendous job as Purchasing Officer for our club. She is now resigning due to recent ill health. On behalf of the members the committee extends a warm vote of gratitude to Nola.
In order to fill this vacancy expressions of interest are being sought and may be given to the Secretary (Toni Gorman) by 25th August in time for discussion at our next committee meeting on 28th Aug.

The duties are:
in addition to the roles and responsibilities of Committee Members or sub committee
purchase all kitchen, stationery and toiletry items as needed
cater for special events as requested.
Again thanks Nola.