A set of lessons will be held starting on Monday afternoons February 19 (1:30 pm) and Tuesday evenings February 20. (7:00 pm)
The costs of the lessons is fifty dollars ($50) and this includes a book. If you know anyone who is interested please see me or a committee member.


Our Mixed Paitrs Championship will be held on Saturday, 3rd of February, starting at 9:30 am. It is an all day event. It is the qualifier for the State Mixed Pairs to be held in Sydney later in the year. Our club will send the top three pairs along to this event. The cost is fifteen dollars ($15) and lunch will not be provided. Enter via the noticeboard, in the club. Late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the director.


a) Wednesday 24 and 31 - rounds 1 and 2 of the BEP
b) Friday 26 - Australia Day Pairs (red points)

Also, on Saturday February 3 we are holding our Mixed Pairs Championship.
This is also a qualifier for the State Mixed Pairs.
It is an all day event (starting at 9:30 am) and lunch is not provided.


I am pleased to announce that LINDA SMITH has accepted the offer to join the committee and take on the role of secretary.


Members are aware that annual fees are due. At the last committee meeting it was decided to increase the fees to:

full members $40 (up from $37.50)
social members $15 (up from $10)

These new fees will come into effect on December 1, 2017.


The CCBC Recorder is Kerry Johnman who has accepted the committee's unanimous nomination.
The Role statement of Recorder for CCBC has been revisited and altered to be more in line with NSWBA description of the position. A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities is in a white folder on the East side of the club.

I have placed a grey set of drawers near the folders - one drawer is marked "RECORDER" and your written communications can be placed there. If you need an envelope please ask for one.

Additionally I have dedicated one drawer to mail, so any mail you have can be placed there. Letters to the committee should be addressed to the Secretary.

If you have any questions please ask.

April Newsletter

Please find the April 2014 Newsletter by going to the left hand menu and selecting April 2014 from the Newsletter title under "Other"

Alerting Rule Changes - 1 August 2013

When you open 1C or a natural 1NT there will be no need to alert the bid. Instead, the responder must announce the meaning of the bid.

1NT Give the strength range, 12-14, 15-17 or whatever applies

1C The announcement depends on the system:

For a natural system, the responder announces the minimum length guaranteed.
For a strong club system, the point range is announced.
For a club opening with multiple meanings, it is announced ‘unusual’.

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